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I've had a Hermit Habit and it's stopping

Today I cleared my 3rd heart wall made of water.  This heart wall was 13 miles deep, 3 1/2 miles long and 2 1/2 miles wide ...  what the F.  Body Code Practitioner, she has never seen a heart wall of water.  Heart walls are made of glass, cement, wood, metal, something that makes your feel safe.  I love the ocean.

I thought I was finished with heart walls.  I guess NOT!  Grumpy me.  I'm stronger now, cowboyed up to THIS water HW.  It was not feet ..... but  M I L E S!  The last 2 heart walls knocked me out in shock.  My Father sexually molested me at 2 weeks old.  He did it many times after that.  Did I space out and feel lost?  Yes.  My body code practitioner has helped many people who were molested as infants.  S H O C K E D?  I am.  Here it comes, put on your armour Zoe Zane.  I cleared other emotions from 13-16 as a teenager. Hatred, anger, depression towards my parents.

Clearing generations back is most important and powerful.  I had the balls to take it on.

I cleared these emotions 6 generations back on Mother's side of family:

pride (no value as a female)

I cleared these emotions 6 generations back on Father's side of family:

 pride (no value as a male)

Belief, behavior patterns in families are pasted on from one generation to the next generation.
AND ..... some generations back were in the Mormon LDS church.  I point this out
since the LDS church began with polygamy.  Did your brain put it together? The LDS church is not
addressing sexual aduse of it's children.  A close PA friend, a physician's assistant has noticed many
not normal humans in Utah.  She thinks it's inbreeding.  LOL.  My stripper daughter would
agree with her.  I agree.

I'm fighting my own Iraqi War.

Do I feel unsettled tonight?

Damn right I do.

Please make your families feel safe tonight.  Makes some popcorn and huge each other.
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