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This year 2014, I'm learning to value my own life, "Zoe Zane Queen Bee"

A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.

Charles Darwin

I have a Utah Doctor friend who lived out of state and confides with me.
Doctor, said "How can they say Utah is happiest state when suicide rate is higher than any other state?
Utah Popuation ratio Psych Hositals, more hospitals. Many LDS Church members are on prescription drugs.
A lot of pressure is on the church members to be perfect and do what is right.  Did you know that in Utah 2014
members of the church will ask you right out if you are LDS?  I did not know that.

Is the LDS religion the ONLY one that asks people are you a member of the Church?

In San Jose, California we ask each other what teck company you work for.

Utah is trendy like iPhones, healthcare (no gluten, sugar free, organic goat and cow cheese at Costos), hairstyles etc.
If the general population believes allergies are caused by gluten everyone gets on board.

When I eat out with the kids, I'm triggered off by men wearing white shirts and temple garments.
I wore them once till about 37 years old.  Those temple garments cause me pain.
I do not want the LDS men to cause pain so this is what came to my lovely mind.

The LDS Church uses the beehive symbol for productivity.  Bees are buzy right?
But they have it backyards.  The men are Gods in the church.  Only ones who can hold the
priestood.  Women in the church hold the power of God through their men.

A beehive has a queen bee who is the ONLY ONE who lays the eggs.
She is the center of her hive kingdom.  If the Queen Bee dies
so does the hive.  The male bees are worker bees/drones.
There are a lot of drone bees.  Only one Queen Bee!

I will think B E E H I V E, the Queen Bee, and all the men in the LDS chuch are my
drone worker bees.  I'm not laughing.  I'm done thinking, I'm lesser THAN man.
Shine out. I AM ZoPower!!!  Mature MILF Porn Star Over 60


I wasted 2 years on YOU!

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