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The Ace of Wands Card: Zoe your power today lies in initiation. You are a winner by virtue of desire, belief, vision, and intention. You bring fresh inspiration into the world and  "matress of your domain." HA HA HA ... Your solution is found in creative transformation and empowered by your spark of life.


GRUMPY CAT, wins at losing

Lose Loose Usage Chart



When to Use


Verb, meaning to no longer have, fail to keep, or to suffer from a loss.

When trying to describe the opposite of “win” or “have”


Most often an adjective, describing something that isn’t tightly fastened.

When describing something that is the opposite of “tight” or “secure”



1. “I think the other team will lose tonight!”

Test: Are you hoping the other team will not win? Yes!


2. “Jill is expecting a visit from the tooth fairy because she has a lose tooth.”

Test: Is Jill expecting a visit from the tooth fairy because her tooth will not win? No. Is she expecting a visit because her tooth is not tight or secure? Yes!

(Incorrect. Jill’s tooth is loose, not lose.)

3. “He always loses his keys right before we have to leave.”

Test: Does he always not have his keys? Yes!



1. “I need to tie the laces on my ice skates because they feel loose.”

Test: Do you have to tie your laces because they don’t feel tight? Yes!


2. “If she looses her bag, she won’t be able to go to work.”

Test: Is her bag the opposite of tight? No. Is it possible she could not have her bag? Yes!

(Incorrect. She might lose her bag, not loose it.)

3. “The window is a little loose; I can hear it rattle when the wind blows.”

Test: Is the window the opposite of tight? Yes!


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