zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Fountain of Youth

The Six of Chalices, my power today lies in self-consciousness. I am not alone. It's not too late to make a fresh start or to pursue my hearts desire. The fountain of my youth or my Holy Grail is revealed in the simple pleasures and gestures that are unaware of their own beauty, connection, and power. I am empowered by nostalgia or past perceptions and my gift is rejuvenation.

Sunday act activity:  4 lemon juice drink, cantaloupe, sat in the sun, enjoyed.

I cried and thought to myself, it has been a long time when I loved the sun.

I love the outdoors in the morning.  Fresh air and ocean. smell smell smell


Zoe Truth:  Happiest time in my life was dancing in college AND most above all, my adult porn, sex provider life
Tags: zoe zane holy grail
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