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Sex Abuse Porn Videos - Do You Enjoy Watching People Have Sex With Hate Vibrations?

ATTENTION PORN PRODUCERS: filming hardcore porn videos of women sexually abused is a crime against women.  BLAH BLAH BLAH and more BLAH ..... we heard this before, violent sex abuse of women sells!  YES.

Men and women who watch sexual abuse/raped films is exciting sex!  The porn industry shows us all how we can have sex.  I have been raped and felt it's HORROR (cleared trapped self-abuse emotions).  Sexual violence against women has no joy or PEACE.  Life abused women (trapped emotions, self abuse, hatred of self, etc) who make these movies or in abusive relationships are victims. Thousands of women are not aware of their worthlessness and low self-esteem vibrations.  Even if the PAIN hits high levels.  Sexual abuse porn videos are criminal.  BLAH BLAH BLAH whocares we like it.

As a phone sex girl, I listened to rape fantasies, SCARY!!!!!  In the underground world of providers, men KNOW they can get what they want.
Certain men (trapped emotions, hatred, anger towards women) can come in and rape providers.
It is up to a self-empowered, female provider to stops the sexually act, remove herself quietly.  His donation is not worth it.
Many of my close girlfriends were raped and thought it was part of the job.  My girlfriends must clear low vibrations in the body.

Damn, does Zoe Zane want to have sex with a hate vibrating male for any amount, that is vibrating at 150?  NO!  ..... when I'm higher in vibration.
When a provider clears her emotions she will attract higher vibrating clients.

Remember I, Zoe Zane was vibrating at Shame Humiliation No Wiil To Live at 20 and Death is 0.
Addictive heart wall since birth (sex abuse Father).  I'm not afraid to tell you where I was for 60 years.
It's a miracle I'm alive.

IF Zoe Zane was offered huge dollars to do a rape scene, I would tell the male porn producer I will get back to him in 24 hours.  Then I would post it on tweeter (TWTR) for the planet to know, his name and company. Their are women who are paid $300 to be raped in films with males just out of prison.  I stopped making mainstream porn videos.

Look for vibration of anger hate on the chart.   vibration 150

Look for shame vibration on the chart.    vibration 20

Copyright Inzane Productions 2014 Zoe Zane

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