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Zoe Zane STAY Bulletproof --- I am living proof with Bikram and Starbucks I was a raisin


Is there an area of your life right now – whether it’s your health and energy, your productivity, or your habits – where you know you could perform better…

… if only you had more hours in your day?

I get it:

I spent years balancing family life with business travel that took me across the country and around the world (sometimes three different countries in a single week)…

Which means finding biohacks (and time-hacks) that you can do practically anywhere, on any schedule – whether you’re in your own kitchen, a hotel lobby or 30,000 feet in the air.

And that’s why I’m writing you today.

Because my friend Dr. Isaac Jones is not only a Bulletproof-approved MD (that’s right, a doctor who doesn’t freak out when his patients talk about drinking butter with their morning coffee)…

He’s also dedicated to helping people with even the most hectic calendars imaginable upgrade their performance no matter how busy they are…

All by systematizing and simplifying so you don’t have to think (or stress) about it.

Take hacking ‘jet lag’: Did you know you lose the equivalent of over 4 full glasses of water for 3 hours of air travel? Subtract another glass for every caffeinated or alcoholic beverage you drink, and you can see why Dr. Jones calls it “The Internal Raisin Effect”! He also gives you a simple way to beat it – PLUS:

• An easy meal-planning hack that can save you up to 9½ hours a week…

• 3 simple “dining out” strategies to eat clean in practically any restaurant…

• How to stay productive and healthy almost anywhere – even at the airport…

… And more. It’s all in a quick-download report called “The 7 Essential Steps To Upgrade Your Health On The Go” – and you can grab a complimentary copy right here.

When you do, you’ll also get a special behind-the-scenes “sneak preview” of an interview I just recorded with Dr. Jones for his upcoming High Performance Health Summit – a once-a-year event that gets you a front-row seat to get upgraded body-and-mind and 33 world-class experts…

And you don’t even need to leave home – because you can watch the High Performance Health Summit ONLINE right as it’s happening – all at no cost to you. Just give Dr. Jones your best email – and he’ll send you a link to join in on as many sessions as you want, on the house.

That means you’re getting access to a full three weeks of high performance upgrades from a rare lineup of physicians, high performers and bestselling authors. And each presentation (including mine) will be free to watch for 48 hours online.

It all starts Monday, November 3. And the best part is, if there’s ONE area of your life you’re eager to upgrade, Dr. Jones is making it easy to pick the exact sessions that get you past whatever’s holding you back – whether you want to supercharge your time, your energy, your health, or your habits.

Just click here to check out the full lineup of experts and topics – and if you don’t want to risk missing out on any of the live talks, you can get a lifetime Digital Access Key that lets you catch up anytime, on your schedule.

The all-access pass is $79 once the event begins – but right now, you can get yours for just $47…

And when you help support the High Performance Health Summit with your ticket, you’re also getting special ‘extras’ – including mp3 audio and transcripts of each interview and 13 bonuses contributed by the experts (including yours truly).

Whatever you decide, just click here (no strings attached) to get your copy of Dr. Isaac Jones’ report on “The 7 Essential Steps To Upgrade your Health On The Go”…

… Plus your sneak preview of his interview with me where we discuss why I believe the human brain is similar to that of a Labrador Retriever – and how to use that insight to give yourself an extra performance edge.

Stay Bulletproof,

Dave Asprey

All my life I have hated rasins in cookies.



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