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5 ways your cell phone MIGHT harm your skin and sleep


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Zoe Zane says:  I have used Estee Lauder and Mirad with okay resluts.

Now using doTerra skin line and essential oils, better, much better, butter than better RESULTS.  HA

Start Agless Habits with Cellphone
Rumors that cellphones have been linked to various health issues, such as cancer. Cell phones give you wrinkles? Cellphone lifeline to your friends, family, and work. Avoid following habits and wrinkle proofing skin.
1. Squint, small type on your screen
 increasing the font size on your screen
2. Talk too long
Contributs increased melanin production on skin causing dark spots.
3. Use phone before sleep
Artificial screen light hinders body's ability produce melatonin, disrupts natural sleep cycle. Read last email or text, dim screen.
4. Press face on phone
This habit can cause oily skin! Use ear-buds and make sure you cleanse your face twice a day with your pH cleanser.
5. Look down see screen
Constant up and down movement, collagen and elastin's support structure weakens, giving saggy neck. Keep phone eye level.


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