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Agapi - Energy Vibration of Foods "Unconditional Love"

The ancient Greeks introduced the world to the concept of energy and its effects on humans, animals, plants and health. We're all connected spiritually by energy, whether we choose to believe it or not. We all form a part of the circle of life, which revolves in a circular motion with no beginning and no end, particularly when it comes to cooking, eating and respecting our food and where it comes from.

The ancient Greeks knew that if the food they were cooking had good energy and brought “agapi” (unconditional love), their dishes would be masterpieces and would heal them at the same time.

We're all made of energy, and we therefore require the consumption of energy in the form of food, air and water for sustenance and good health. We also require thoughts made up of positive vibrational energy. The ancient Greeks would think good thoughts, live life with agapi and practice affirmations to assist with this process.

To lift the energetic vibration of your food, give thanks and bless your food before eating, and even while preparing and cooking it to decrease the negative energy vibration left on these ingredients when eating, it's also important to create an ambience of peacefulness. Think positive thoughts and pour your own agapi energy into what you are eating.

Below is a summary of high- and low-energy foods:


  • Fresh, certified organic fruits and vegetables

  • Natural supplements, like spirulina

  • Herbal Teas

  • Herbs and spices

  • Pure or filtered water — reverse osmosis or freshly collected spring water are the best choices

  • Healthy oils, like olive oil and coconut oil

  • Nuts and seeds

  • Fermented foods

  • Raw chocolate

  • Raw honey and maple syrup

  • Legumes

  • Grains such as buckwheat, brown rice, amaranth, and spelt


  • Genetically modified (GMO) food, and conventional food that's been treated with chemicals and pesticides

  • White rice and flours

  • Sugars, sweeteners (artificial etc.)

  • Coffee

  • Sodas

  • Alcohol

  • Meat, fish and poultry

  • Processed, packaged, canned and fast foods

  • Unhealthy oils, like canola, cottonseed, margarine, and vegetable oils

  • Frozen foods

  • Pasteurized cows milk, yogurt and cheese

  • Cooked foods, deep fried foods and microwaving food

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