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Western Medicine Kills Patients - Read books of HOPE "Biology of Belief" and "The Honeymoon Effect"

In today’s episode of E-Motion Health Bruce Lipton, Cell Biologist and author of Biology of Belief, shares an inspiring interview about the nature of our reality and the impact our thoughts have on our genes.

Bruce is covering the big topics – From epigenetics to the nocebo effects and how perceptions become the chemistry of your body.

Bruce + Ty from E-Motion Health

Bruce also talks to us about his technique for penning his latest book, The Honeymoon Effect.

“I tried for fifteen years to write the book, and every time I get halfway through the book, it would peter out and then I didn’t realize it because my subconscious had a fear. I’m…at the time, I was a respected scientist and I said ‘Well, if you write this book and you bring in consciousness and spirit into the book, all your colleagues are going to shun you.

So my subconscious was doing me a favor, it says ‘You don’t want to do this, because this will invalidate you, you know, it’s like kill you,’ so my subconscious programming – working 95% of the day – would sabotage the writing.

What I ended up doing was changing the belief about that and then the book came out.

It was just like, it just flowed right out.”

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