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Hide it All - Life of Effort Unreceived

Traveling year 2014, fetish friends, AND big overhaul on self, looked at my www.zoezane.com ..... BAM SLAM ME.  Up to date on site, Paypal is available.  I pushed ALL-thing aside, 25 years, never giving myself credit for what I did.  It makes me cry how I was taught to never receive and be one of God's humble servants.  More like, I am Not Here.  Zoe serve it up and you will vanish into the ultimate sacrific.  Parents and their parents, no respect for human life.  I pushed through fears over and over.  FEAR, thought I did ..... but did not.  I was alone with ALONE!  Most would THINK that Zoe is bold.  Yes, bold with my sense of humor!  One year on the Net, traveling and slam bam me.  Site will be simple. Think like a man and I've got it right.  Give my self credit for what I did (Howard Stern TV messed with my digestion, fear of what he would do to me on the show).  NOW, I AM commited to my sex work.

Today I did another Body Code session with Miss G.  Do you know what kundalini syndrom is?  I will search and let your know.  Been in Utah on and off, the ex Mormon Bishop hates me. Seriously. He uses my kids to hate blast, dagger destroy Miss Zoe.  If you believe there is no evil you are WRONG.  I've been dealing with the dark EVIL side, the wrong pill in the Mormon Matrix and Darth Vader.  Not laughing but laughing.  The darkside is real.  Thousands of movie on horror for our entertainment but my life horror entertainment is BAM BAM BAM ..... lol

I donit call the ex-Mormon bishop his name.  I call him "The Troll".

Grumpy Cats says
no party for you Troll
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