zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

January 27, 1947

Today is my birthday and I am getting a mind change like Neo. He sat in the chair for hours, now he knows Kungfu in 60 seconds. Remember? In the future will we do that??? Go into a mind shop like Mac Donalds and buy a new mind change? I hope so. Download a new positive mind with wonderful yummy things for a better life! I listened to my sons girlfriend in his voice mail. Someone needs to download "Tami Talk" just for the listening experience. So animated, fun listening, very entertaining. I LOVE IT! He has this new wonderful girlfriend that is so fabulous. Some peolpe are a gift to us all and they do not know it. Bless her!!! The update for this week might be a day late it is my freaking birthday baby. Smooches, zoblog
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