zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Video Script

I'm taking my video to a different level.  In 2015, Inzane Production videos are "Top".

Here is a story idea sent by a lusting fan.

Younger male who is dating the daughter waits for her arrival (shopping at the mall).  He falls asleep on the sofa.  He is dreaming, her Mother (older woman) sees him alseep.  She sits close, begins to rub his crotch softly.  They sex each other madly but older woman make it seems like he had an erotic dream (will see what Mother did in the final video).  Everything is perfect, as he walks with his girlfriend (the daughter) he sees a wet spot.  Oh shit, shocked emotions, it wasn't a dream.  LOL.

Zoe Zane, you are gorgeous by the way .  Fan "P"
Tags: zoe zane video

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