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Happy Pharrell Williams YOUTUBE

I am grateful and thankful for myself.   THAT, the ex-Mormon husband abused me in our sealed temple marriage supported by HIS wealthy LDS Church leaders.  My YOUTUBE research about the LDS Church, thank God's and Angles I got out. The decline of LDS Church is falling each day (thousands are leaving).  I'm so happy!  LDS Church leaders (select few) do a temple ritual with wives, very secret. Members of the church do not know about.  Watch on YOUTUBE everyone.  The prophet, his 12 apostles and few select are immune from everything evil except forsaking the Holy Ghost and murder.  Theaw leaders can lie about everything and still be Gods.  KARMA will take care of theses old farts.  The main body of the chuch pays 10% of all earnings to LDS Church leaders, ..... oops!  Mormon members secure their time share spot in CELESTIAL kingdom.  LDS Church leaders and construction companies are getting wealthy off-a church members.  Outrageous scam.  I was one of them who was betrayed and deceived.  I woship porn and our Mother Earth.  She takes care of ALL of us.  Zoe Zane
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