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Trauma Therapist Monday Night

Therapist, she was glad I posted my thoughts about Mormon LDS Church on YOUTUBE.  She said, "You have a voice, that's good."  You will not find my YOUTUBE posts.  I must "not have a face" my kids are still in the church.  Zo-word, NO face off.  I will not EVEN try for one second tell the kids the church is going down.  2014, I have seen the signs in family gathering.  If I try to change my kids it will cause more cha·os.  I'm about love not fear.  My kids have had it hard, the divorce and excommunication (we were torn from each other).  Last year 2014, I found out I was taken offa church member roles and excommunicated in 1987.  You're to be informed, I was not.  Shows us, LDS Church has NO RESPECT for single mom's with children.  My baby daughter, went on mission for LDS Church, saw how the leaders did not care about her Mom.  She made comment, no respect.

All my rants are trailors for my book "My Life Before and Not the Hereafter" 
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