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Essential Oil Germaine, Divine Oil, Light of the Purple Flame

Female Oil

Used in ritual, this is a powerful oil to connect a woman to her moon cycles on a spiritual level and harmonize her to the earth energies. It is a yin oil that supports the grounding of the sacral energies. I have found that galbanum’s frequency is resonant with that of the feminine side of the St Germaine energies. In aromatherapy, some of the essential oils carry a Master level energy and because St Germaine encapsulates both the feminine and masculine principles, galbanum is the yin to frankincense’s yang, both being in the St Germaine frequency. Galbanum brings the solar plexus “I Am” energy into the sacrum where women hold their seat of power, therefore strengthening self-empowerment and self-actualization, whilst harmonizing and balancing the masculine and feminine polarities. It truly is a divine oil, which carries the Light of the purple flame.

The Violet Flame

By awakeningwellness

What Is the Violet Flame?

The Violet Flame is a Divine spiritual gift given to humanity by the Ascended Master Saint Germain in order to transmute negative energy and negative karma.

This flame consumes not only the outer physical manifestations of negativity such as disease, emotional upsets and financial or relationship troubles, but it also cleanses the inner root cause

(our error in thought, judgment, or action).

The negativity is completely transformed into high vibrational light and the error is erased.

Learn how to call forth this spiritual fire; when you invoke the violet flame through specific mantras and affirmations, you begin to create miracles of positive change in your life and bless the world around you!

The Power Of the Violet Flame

To Purify Your Thoughts and Deeds

The Violet Flame is a high vibrational energy that regenerates the body, sharpens the mind, heals the emotions and uplifts the soul. It is called the flame of Transmutation, Freedom, Mercy and Forgiveness since it has the power to erase the cause and effect of past errors and the resulting diseases. This spiritual energy can change negative energy into positive energy, darkness into light, low vibrations into high vibrations, inharmonious thoughts and feelings into love. In short, in can transmute anything that stands in the way of your becoming an enlightened being.

The Violet Flame works by changing vibrations, when you have a higher vibration there is more spiritual energy in your body. The color violet has long been associated with spirituality as the ancients considered this transcendental color to be a spiritual rather than a physical phenomenon.

Science has demonstrated that of the seven major colors of the visible spectrum, violet has the highest frequency and is at the point of transition to the next octave of light vibration. According to Dr. Bernard Jensen, renowned pioneer in color therapy, the vibratory rate of violet activates the pituitary gland and is the highest of all colors for healing.

Within minutes of using the Violet Flame my body, mind and mood all feel lighter. I find it to be a wonderful way to release fearful thoughts when they have a strong hold on me. I am really just beginning to use the flame but have already discovered that it helps with sleeplessness. If I do the mantra while lying awake in the middle of the night, it seems to erase my worries and I fall asleep.

"This vibratory rate brings out all we need in order to put the body into harmony...Thinking of a person, praying for a person and projecting thoughts in the purple flame does a great amount of good..."

- Dr. Bernard Jensen

The Violet Flame: God's Gift To Humanity

The Violet Flame reflects the perfect balance of the masculine and feminine aspects of our Father-Mother God. It is the most powerful tool we have for transmuting the negativity surfacing in our personal lives and on the planet. This amazing book contains visualizations, invocations, meditations, and information that will allow anyone to become a powerful instrument of Divine Light.

Saint Germain

An ascended master is a great healer, teacher, or prophet who once walked upon the earth before reaching enlightenment and ascending to be with God. They continue to help us from the spirit world.

The Ascended Master Saint Germain is the Chohan of the Seventh Ray, the Violet Ray, he teaches that the highest alchemy is the transformation of one's human consciousness into the divinity of the Higher Self


He assists us as Hierarch of the Aquarian Age and is responsible in Spiritual Hierarchy to minister to Earth's evolutions the initiations and opportunities of God Freedom, Alchemy, Transmutation, Mercy and Forgiveness. He stands ready to assist all souls in this endeavor by bearing the gift of the Violet Flame for world change.

The "I AM" Discourses - By St Germain

This is the first volume of Discourses from the Ascended Masters (people like you and I who have graduated from the School of Earth). They have mastered existence, but out of love have returned to help us do the same.The Calls and Decrees that this volume teaches will absolutely accelerate your spiritual growth and ascension (graduation from the wheel of birth and death).

Call Forth the Violet Flame

With These Mantras...

The violet flame can be experienced through visualization, meditation and by decreeing. Pick a quiet moment and start by saying your chosen invocation. Then visualize a very large violet flame or bonfire, it can have shadings of purple, pink, silver or gold. Step into this light and see the flames passing through and around you, this is a cool fire so there is no need to worry about burning.

Continue chanting your mantra, repeating the decree strengthens its power and draws down more light! As you accelerate the speed of the mantra, you will begin dissolving the negative substance between the electrons and the nuclei of every atom of your being! As the electrons whirl faster and faster, you may feel lighter and freer.

One of the simplest decrees uses the name of the I AM consciousness:

I AM in me is a being of Violet Fire, GOD in me is the purity GOD desires.

"I AM a being of Violet Fire!

I AM the purity God desires!"

"I AM a being of Violet Fire!

I AM the purity God desires!"

"I AM a being of Violet Fire!

I AM the purity God desires!"

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