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Lights Down Bitchy

All lights down, in my hotel bed, and my clear mind.  Male husbands or boyfriends have a strong sex influence over "adult female porn" content (if female depends on the male to snap, edit, upload her content) .  For example, Beth Morggan's hubby loved ass (1000's of photos on his hard drive).  My old boyfriend was a long leg lover.  He didn't capture my sexy feet in heels.  LOL.  He had his own ball agenda.  Frustrating. Kitty Foxx, her husband Alan loved swinging gang bangs.  Mr. Larry Do-ooo Me, worships mainstream huge fake tits.

Power to the one woman producer:

Husband John of Sexy Miss Lizz loves motorcycles and strippers.  He rarely takes photo.  Miss Lizz is her own boss.  Her content is freakum fresh.  Ashley Dobbs, a topless dancer directs her own content with THAT sexy voice.  Southern Charms, Busty Delight loves to dress up and give her fans what she loves.  XXX-rated Wife leads with her big, natural boobs. I admire this woman for her perserverence.

Massive female talent when she produces her own content.  Even IF it flops.  Mine flopped a 1000X1000.  Trial and error, the learning curve and listen to your fans.  Be flexiable.  You gotta know your audience and give it.  My private audience reveals detailed requests.  One on one in private encounters.

Bitch, Zoe Zane to Madonna and Lady GaGa......  I feel it girls.  When male producers are bitchy they think they are NOT bitchy.  ONLY females are bitchy producers.  Madonna said it all in her new song "Bitch, I'm Madonna".

"Bitch, give it 2 me. HARDER bitch slapping his ass." said Zoe Zane on her back starring at ceiling fan.  HA HA HA @harrypalmzz

Love you baby

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