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Zoe Zane Rebel Heart 1985 Divorced Her Conservative Lifestyle

Message to a slave who called his DIVA a WHORE behind her back.

Underground dating, some men label sex workers.  They are all whores.  Downers like the rest of the world.  Boring.
After 15 years, I was told the real feelings of this "so called slave".  He called his luscious dominatrix a whore (Fetish Diva Diamond).  Not in a good way but negative bad.
He was pissed he had to hire ladies of the night for his sex. Married, many girlfriends more than he liked, the tried to turn his women into his smiling dominatrix.  He failed.
His trapped emotions, unworthy, worthless, effort unreceived, anger, hate, frustration etc.  Many heart walls, poor soul.
Instead of thankfulness, he hates women.

Get this, he wanted to marry his dominatrix Fetish Diva Diamond.  He wanted to marry a whore?     Are you laughing Fernando?     HA HA HA

The "know it all slave" would get in my face.  An male atheist who liked their innocent smiles.
Atheism is not a disbelief in gods or a denial of gods; it is a lack of belief in gods. Older dictionaries define atheism as "a belief that there is no God."

Yes the negative programmers look like nice people.  No smoking or drinking for them, BUT many today guzzle down caffeine sodas (Coke and Mountain Dew).  I was raised old school. Coke was a huge sin if your drank it.  I was brain washed and controlled by strict parents.

Generational patterns in DNA:  last week released one emotion "Pride" 49 generations back.

What?  This is how, I have and will talk more about the energy work done this last year.  PSYCHIC-K, Body and Emotion Code releases
trapped invisible emotions in the body.  Right now, 2015, epidemic proportions.  I released the emotion "PRIDE" which means no value, 49 generations back.  About 700 AD, lol lol lol.

Zoe Zane October 30, 1985 divorced her conservative lifestyle for mental, physical and sexual abuse.  With my head down and heart broken, I went porn. Express yourself MADONNA, Zoe Zane was a rebel heart 1985.  Madonna, FINALLY tapped into the truth of my life.  THE COVER UP:  oppressing the female/women (they have no voice).

Zoe Zane 30 years later.  I am waking up like Neo who took the blue pill.

Red pill:   remain innocent to the evils of the world (LDS Church Leaders)
Blue pill:  b
y accepting the blue pill, Neo would be accepting the illusion of the Matrix.  His eyes would be open.

The Trapped Emotions in my body:

All those trapped emotions are not me.  If you have a weak body part (thyroid) many emotions will get trapped there.  The trapped emotions distort the thyroid.
My Mother held me at 1 years old and I picked it up from her "no voice as a female".  At 7, 13, 21, 28, 33, 53, 58 ..... I had no voice.  TODAY, over 60, Zoe Zane, I have a voice.



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