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Negative to Positive - minus to plus

Change   -   to   +

New Perceptive:

Different point of view, a new perceptive for me.  Be willing to see different angles.  A mental and emotional change happens in the body.  Empowered resourceful me.  Positive:  Anything is possible.

Your spirit self sees events, people, all situations in positive perspective. You'll rise above "the mass thought forms", the dense levels of energy (fear, shame, guilt) to high vibs of love, joy, peace, joy, patience.

Fly light on your magic carpet of high energy. Feel it, all good things come your way. Emotional body shifts to positive perspectives. Your body vibration lowers, energy dips when you think or say negative of yourself.  Positive:  I am great.

The repeating negative cycle, the body will get sick, attract people, situations to lower energy.  Take responsibility and shift to higher levels of thinking, your energy will turn around, points in the right direction.  Positive:  I am great.

Tricks to shift, re-frame your perspective:

*  Everytime bad memory/negative feelings come up, STOP it.  Ask, what good did you create from this situation? What gifts? A powerful perspective?

*  Have a problem or mindset, can't solve current level of thinking, imagine traveling five years to "future of new me".  Visualize, view your life as a    whole. Envision looking upon your whole life as one continuum than separate series of events.  Ask "future new me" how to handle this situation.  Trust, the wisdom and knowledge your "future new me" holds.

*  Worst-case scenarios for current situation, make list of best case scenarios.

Guidance to Go Book
Angel Guidance by B
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