zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

I am sorry to tell everyone on the Net

that Kitty Foxx died late summer 2006, sometime in September. I have a close friend that is working on the details, hopefully I will be able to find out more. My spiritual guru told me to ask for the spirit of Kitty Foxx to help me write my book. I miss her a like many of you. She did so much for me and many in Cyber space. 3 days ago, after a very long wait, over 2 1/2 years, I got exclusive footage of Kitty Foxx. It was stolen from my studio. I am so excited about this. We can all see Kitty fucking in her house of sex in Las Vegas with myself, Wild Vegas Rose, camera man Alan, her hubby, AND 3 lucky guys. Kitty's hubby died about a year after her health turned very serious. Many feel the lose of Kitty and what she brought to all of us. This vintage footage is available to members of my web site. http://www.zoezane.com
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