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Emotion and Body Code - Clear emotions and inflammation out of your thyroid

Bullet Proof diet goes right along with the emotion and body code by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

2014 Zoe Zane did a inside out, turn over on her entire body.

My thyroid was hyper.
Over active.

I did over 5 hours of clearing emotions and inflammation from my thryroid that was distorted, out of wack, had no voice.  Now I have a voice.
My hidden name was "abandoned inflammation".  Laughs.  I want to thank Theresa in Santa Cruz who helped me get my shit together.  Love you, girl.
Doing bikram yoga saved my gall bladder.  Years of no voice shut me down down down.

I am thrilled I found these incrediable cutting edge health progeams that gives you life.

I have more to tell, save it for another day.

Waves of Love, Zoe Zane
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