zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

I watched the E Channel Hugh Hefner's life

I like Hugh, he has not made his porn abusive. A lot of porn is
heading that way or is that way, BUT Hefner made it beautiful and
erotic. It is very clear that Playboy sees women as sexy,
gorgeous and powerful. I know that Hugh likes his women a certain way, the Barbi
look. The Barbi look is great, and I LOVE IT.  Movie
stars in Playboy, are not the so called Barbi type, NICE stuff.
I like that Hugh had his daughter run the company placing
the "feminine mystique" right into it's pages for women like myself. 

One time I had a few hundred Playboy magazines.  A family member was acting way off the wall so I moved the magazines and threw some of them away.  I got ride of something lI oved, and this will not happen again.  Buzz off baby IF you are out of control.   THAT family member is not allowed back anymore for all the trouble they caused.

Playboy has endured a society of conservative freaks, today, Hefner
is still the playboy he was when younger. It goes to show you that
age has nothing to do with getting laid. It is what you think of
yourself. His separated wife is a smart woman and lives next door, his two sons
will run Playboy in the future. Those two boys see their Dad's vision,
raised by a father with heart. Hef has heart, and that is why Playboy
has endured all it's ups and downs. Playboy has endured, because they
dropped parts of the business that did not make money and turned to
parts that did. Smart moves with heart! I LOVE PLAYBOY! Zoe Zane "The
Zoe Zone" zoblog May 2, 2007

P. S.  Some of the Playboy magazines I love are Pamela Anderson, Anna Nicole Smith, Sharon Stone, and Madonna.
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