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Bruce Lipton does emotion and body code -Author Science of Belief

Thank you so much for being part of the E-Motion Health family. We are super passionate about bringing real health choices and experts into your inbox every fortnight. Today we are thrilled to share a few highlights with you...

Just last week Dr Mercola, the worlds leading MD in natural medicine, featured E-Motion on his blog. Dr Mercola states "one thing is clear, your emotions matter, and they cannot be ignored in the big scheme of your overall health" - and we couldn't agree more!  You can read Dr Mercola's review of the film here and buy/stream/download your copy of E-Motion here.

We are also re-visiting 2 of our most popular E-Motion Health episodes in case you missed them the first time:

1. Our interview with cell biologist Bruce Lipton - Bruce told us "E-Motion will have a very positive impact on the evolution of human consciousness" (and again - we couldn't agree more!). In this interview Bruce is sharing his view on the nature of our reality. You can watch Bruce's interview here.

2. We also have an amazing interview with wholefoods expert Don Tolmanon fasting, adrenal fatigue and turning inorganic food into toxin-free-goodness.  Watch Don's interview here.

<Click HERE to PLAY>

If you want to see more episodes from the archives, connect with us on ourFacebook page. And if you have any questions or suggestions for us, just hit reply to this e-mail. We would love to hear from you.

Next fortnight we will be in your inbox with a new E-Motion Health Episodeon Qi Gong. Stay tuned until then!

One love! The team at E-Motion

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"E-Motion will have a very positive impact on the evolution of human consciousness" - Dr Bruce Lipton, Cell Biologist & Author of The Biology of Belief

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