zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

May 2007 Playboy Issue

Like always my trips to Vegas are quick, packed full of things to do. My stripper daughter and I had a few drinks in the airport together. She bought them for me.  I have not bought a Playboy magazine from the airport for some time.  Playboy was fatter and has cut back.  The issue is about Anna Nicole Smith, what a babe.  She was tall 6 ft at 160 lbs., not your typical bunny.  There was something different about her, a true legend like Betty Paige,  Her tragic life (court battles) will go on forever.  She loved Marylin Monroe, and when she posed for Playboy she put on Marylin and sang with her.  Nicole was a whole lott a woman, and I adored her.  When I first saw her in Playboy, she turned me on with her large chest.  I followed her life and noticed how she had a hard time staying in her female power.  She was pushed around. He body guards were treated better than she, when on the road.  There was a certain part of her that was neglected and it showed in her behavior from time to time. Neglect makes you off balance, not sure of yourself.  Marylin Monroe was the same way. But, Nicole knew she wanted to be in Playboy and did a damn good job!

Blog link on Playboy trademark http://www.intelproplaw.com/Trademark/Forum/msg/977.shtml

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