zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

All my favorite Playboy Magazines will be

placed in storage for safe keeping.  Playboy mansion story:  My dominatrix girlfriend told me she was invited to the Playboy mansion when she was 18 with her sister who was in porn.  In her Jewish family some were Hollywood movie producers and other had off the wall occupations like. . . . . the mob. A gud read (in my new book next year 2008) about her porn star sister, who tried to get her to make porn and the connections they had with Hollywood.  Her family knew Hugh Hefner, and that is how she was invited to the mansion. At that time she was not much interested in Hef 's world of sex.  She was a young Jewish wife, married off at a very early age by her step Dad.  Daddy wanted to get rid of her, he had a new bitchy girlfriend.  Interesting?  Ya baby.  zoblog
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