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Zoe Zane and Madonna

The Internet, is THAT connected?  Zoe Zane tweets about Madonna, she favorites me.  I posted another tweet, Madonnna/TIDAL dumps Zoe Zane.  LOL.  I post great about Madonna and she added me back to her Twitter account.  WOW.  Zoe Zane words are powerful.  I get it Madonna.  Don't talk shit about me or the Queen dumps your ass.

For a long time my devotion to Madonna was clicking.  When she went war album I frowned.  Grumpy Cat says, no!  NO WAR.

Lady GaGa was in my face and fresh.  Madonna screamed her song about copy cat ??? Born This Way/Lady GaGa.
Zoe Zane live cam shows, viewers thought I was on drugs all the time.  I'd say ... no drugs, I was born this way ..... before Lady GaGa sang her song "Born This Way".
Bitches, I'm z0e Z. HA!  We are all important girls.  Lady Gaga is not TIDAL.  I'm watching.

Easter Day in dark wheel ride, strip dawter and Zoe Zane down the freeway.  Rihanna loud in our ears, "Bitch Better Have My Money".  Song empowers Zoe deeply.  Break dancing is in my heart forever.  High toppers, iPhone and bubble gum.
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