zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

She is coming out now!

The Dominatrix Miss Zoe Zane aka Fetish Mommie.

When you are the new girl on the block you gotta prove you're cool and that is what I've done.  When one of the owners of SC talked to me at the Palm Springs Bash, I knew I  was a-okay.  On SC, the owners, there is no bull shit about the rules, they have a lot at stake.  That is how they created it so I will follow their rules.  YES SIR!  Now for the fun. Figuring out your place on SC was like walking on broken glass.  I'm a free spirit and all the rules drove me crazy, BUT I'm coo.  Now I will bring HER on, my powerful domina side, she's HERE baby.  More updates will be for fetish and domination.  So bitch, that is YOU, kneel, and serve, you dirty animal.  

A little about the first Playboy Magazine.  I was told Marylin Monroe was on the cover and the crotch was not revealed at all inside the magazine. Very conservative, so be it for that day.

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