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Traffic School July 2007

Diary of California housewife, her homemade porn

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Driving in Northern California, latest traffic school news. I took traffic school for a speeding ticket. Ya, this granny is a speeder, and I'm changing my ways. Granny has a chauffeur? I will invest my money in money earning accounts not traffic tickets and school.

First time: Anyway, if you drive in the commuter lane and get a ticket the fine is a whooping $1068.50. Second time is it doubled, and on and on. If you get caught for the 4th time is is a felony and you loose your license.

When you yield onto the freeway with two lanes and their is a SOLID WHITE line, the left lane is a commuter lane, and if you get caught a whooping $1068.50.

I could buy a lot of sex toys with this money. California chill out and spend your money on a vacation.


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Traffic school in Northern California was well worth it. I had to do it be4 July 24, 2007. I feel fried in the brain right now and off to a movie to chill out. I'll tell Northern California all about new fines for certain traffic laws tomorrow. I will do the update tomorrow and my cam show will be right along with Beth Morggan in England. Have fun tonight! I will.

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