zoezane (zoezane) wrote,


I want to thank everyone from my sexy heart for their help all along the way.  Producing porn has not been easy.  So many times I thought I lost my camera man or someone did not show up.  A lot of wanna bee porn stars.  For all of you that did show up THANK YOU so much.  I figure the right people show up and it is meant to be.  For a long time I hung out with Kitty Foxx, the Grandma of Porn and then she died.  LOL.  Then all the babes from Southern Charms showed up.  Most of them are wonderful people and the ones who are not, oh well, see ya baby.  Some models are are so fucked UP and out of control, I guess low self-esteem!  I am done with that stuff.  For years I have thought who am I, but today, Baby, I AM d-HAM GUD!  NOW, I  want to have fun love with all the right people.

I am thankful for:

My eyes
My legs 
My male cat Fuzzy, he's so coo!
Flushing toilets
Clean water
Wonderful neighbors
My car she is so HOT!
Clean air
Northern California

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