zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

ZOE ZANE IS A BMF broadcast

ZOE ZANE EROS is a (B.M.F.) Last year was the end of my world.  I have earned high honors for surviving 30 generations back of "Messed Up Motherfucker".  My psychic mind felt them all their thanking me for letting go of invisible emotional baggage.  Yes, I am way ahead of my time or ......DIE Zoe.  Those who know me wll
have great respect for life.  IM NOT NORMAL.  Gud.  I am the cent leader of this planet.  If you try to make me normal you are no hired.

Today I did another emotion and body code session with practitioner. Get your granny on iTunes, datz me. I was never meant to wear grey har, walk bent over riddled with old age.  At my end point, I will stand tall and straight dancing in high toppers to break dance music.

And Rihanna she has my back for Bitch Better Have My Money.  ZOE ZANE BBHMM!!!

Tags: zoe zane life
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