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Ash Tray Man and Butttercup

Jerry Jerry,

My slave Bc of 15 years called Buttercup when unrulely, I made him wear no pants for a week.  If he pouted or did not do his dailly chores with glee ....... I'd fired his little balls.  We watched Three Stooges together all the time, fire scenes, ants in the pants TS grabbing their hot bottoms, scooting on the ground or jumping up and down.  During the summer we'd go up to Santa Cruz mountains with a few of my hot girlfriends. Buttercup went out to gather fire wood in the wood.  I made him wait 13 years, he begged to receive my deviant brand.  Smoking, asy tray boys are in the same category for fire play.  You are one of them.  Fetish Diva Diamond


Tags: zoe zane fetish diva diamond fire

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