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Furious Amy and her ex-boyfriend's tiny nuts

Hi Fetish DIva Diamond, I'm Furious Amy,

This may be an odd request, but I was hoping to arrange an appointment for my ex boyfriend.  It would be an unbelievable favor to me and some other girls.  I guess this would fall under domination.  I live in Pennsylvania, he did me and some other girls out here seriously wrong and moved back to Cali after we broke up.  Last week he had the nerve to make contact with me to try to get back together, which I initially I told him never in a million years...  then, my mother of all people came up with an idea to kind of get him back, and get him a little treatment from a girl that he truly deserves and who knows how to teach him a lesson :)  A girlfriend at work found your websites, so I figured, its worth a shot.

I got the ex to agree to appointments before I would take him back.  He is fully consenting to see you, because he thinks I am taking him back.  Here's the thing, I have zero intention of taking him back, we just want to see him humiliated, and suffer for how he treats women.  He lied repeatedly, constantly disrespected me, calls women every demeaning whore name in the book, emptied my bank account before he left, and inappropriately humiliated my 18 year old neice.  Not to mention, he sucked in bed when he could NOT get it up, yet has a huge ego.  Prances around like he has a horse cock, yet when he is hard it barely does the job, and when soft he is literally hung like a AAA battery, lol, hopefully you will see for yourself girlfriend, if you agree to help us out.

The main reason we want these humiliating appointments, he constantly makes rude and humiliating comments to my neice and her girlfriends about their breast size, skirts, underwear and rate each of their "hottness" on a scale of 1 to 10.  You have no idea how infuriated we all are here since hearing this...  so here it is in a nutshell, we want to set him up for this appointment which I told him if he goes to you, I would consider taking him back...  once he shows up, we want you to utterly humiliate him for his shortcomings and punish his nuts for all he did.  And let him know Ashley's mom, my sister Brandi, made it happen to him.  Supreme female domination, my mother told me to look online for girls that would meet with him and do to him what we would if we had the chance :)

I found you hoping you would take him for a couple reasons, you are absolutely gorgeous hun and that should humiliate him all the more. You are mature, so he can get his nuts displayed by a woman representing the age of his mom. He can feel inadequate by a pretty well endowed woman like he did Ashley, and get a swift blow to his ego, his ballsin the balls for disrespecting 18 year old girls.

If you are willing to take this on, Just do us a favor, and make him regret the day he was ever born with a ant size balls. I would love to hear him cry and beg, I also want a confession from him on all he did to my niece and her friends and a HUGE sincere sounding apology.  I want the straight story.  Squeeze dem nuts, until he spills his gutz out in front of you.  I would love to see real tears :)  If it is at all possible to capture the whole deal on video, that would make a lot of women here pretty happy to see, particularly my niece Ashley and her girlfriends, which I think would be perfect justice for how he made them feel.

As far as what to do, we have been brainstorming a bit and coming up with lots of fun ideas lol...  even girls at work have offered suggestions.  You putting him in panties as an example, and measuring his size for all to see...  I was hoping you would only refer to him with little dick names, peanut-dick, pin-dick, you know anything you can think of as opposed to ever using his real name, starting from the moment you are in contact with him booking his appointment.  And then from there, there is a bunch of things we want done to him, but we can work that out if you decide to take him on...  mainly, me and Ashley's mom want him kneed square in the nuts..... lol...  in fact, if you have an ex that did you wrong ever, here is your chance girlfriend, please kick my ex in the balls for all the crappy things men do to us girls.

We actually came up with the perfect idea...  you are his babydick sitter lol...  like a babysitter but for men with little dicks who need to learn respect for women...  He actually believed you offer this service for women to send their boyfriends or husbands who are disrespectful or sexually inadequate...  so when you get in touch with him to book the appointments, just let him know you are his new babydick sitter Miss Zoe :)

I really hope to hear from you soon I wish to set this up to make sure he doesnt weasel out of what he has coming.  Like I said, if you can, let me know either way.  You can contact me at amy.callahan1338@gmail.com  If you want the appointment, I am going to make him call you to this schedule this asap.  And of course he will be paying your gift for the appointment.  Actually we can make him go to several appointments with you for this if you would like.  Thanks so much hun, you have no idea how much this would mean,  to me and all my girlfriends in "P".



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