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IMNOFACE BOOK -The Beginning of Wrong

I'm strong enough to begin my book, my life before porn. The sleeping beast showed it's ugly face 36 months ago. The pain was so terrible, I could not watch TV for days.  Anything violent overwhelmed my entire body.  Zoe Zane

Book Reviews:
Zoe, you are a trauma survivor.  Quote by Trauma Couselor, K. Freeman Salt Lake Cty, Uah
You're a living Iron Maiden.  Quote from emotion and body code, psych-K practitioner T. Wiles Santa Cruz, California

You can read it from my website www.zozane.com in the membership
You are one of lucky ones.  It will make your shake your head in awe, what a strong character.

My animal spirits are Tiger and Moutain Goat
Fierce and Nimble
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