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Daggers Gone 100

Well ........google banned my words - search engines against each other ??? - WTF - over 1 million search reusults for @ZoeZane video - yesterday a skinny well well guy made it great for my sex rebel soul.  Lately I've let friends take videos of me.  When 1 million are out there, one will go viral. I'm competing with myself and out doing what I did in 2013.  NO COMPETITION with jealous bitches. It's a miracle at 68 I am making porn movies for friends. Freeones http://www.freeones.com/html/z_links/Zoe_Zane/      ----- said I was retired - wrong bitch - Zoe Zane is DONE with negative broadcast crammed in my brain from freaky Dad.  At a early age he called me slut, whore, bitch you name it.  Zoe Zane has dealt with the advesary since birth.  My WWII Dad was filled with evil and totally out of his mind.  Yes my life has been damn hard.  How would I know it was my life.  I survived HELL and alive to tell.  SOOOOOOO  - you are the whOre.... and I am the diva .....bitch

Live Journal does not care what I write about
BING 1,350.000 zoe zane video today (need to post a wild video from my membership for free this week)

Friday with emotion and body code practitioner we released over 100 daggers from my female organs placed their by dear old Dad.  Just before he died he knew what he had done to me and my sister.  She is commited in a mental ward Palo Alto, Ca.  I gave Dad a chance to confess he molested us.  He never fessed up.  Chicken Shit.  SO here I am on the move, put out there, 1 million personal videos for close frinds.  WHY NOT.

Do I know how to get ride of the advesary??? - damn right I do.
My new book:  Adversaries Walk Among Us by John G. Livingston



Wednesday:  the 31 year old, shinny male who was well hung will always leave happiness in my body forever.  TK baby.
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