zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Adult Movie Theater "The Burbank"

You can find it on Bascom Ave in San Jose, although it was shut down a couple of years ago.  Now some religious group it broadcasting peace from its walls.  Interesting.  That is coo.  I made sure I got pics of it if it is ever torn down.  Sex adventure story:  I had a friends take me over there, it smelled normal, like floor dried cum stains.  There was a old poster of Tracy Lords in a glass show case.  I know a lot of bad boys who want to push their own sex edges.  We sat in the chairs watching porn.  He wanted me to see him show off his dick right off the main stage,  We got back into the last row and be4 I knew it I was playing with myself with over 12 men watching me get off.  My freaky slave friend pushed me to far, we had an agreement, so I left.  Out the back door, down the street to my car.  Like always men get pushy, they can not help themselves.  When they're horny, their dicks take over.  Yesterday, another friend told me that many of our wars have started over pussy.  Nothing new and it will never change.  Men gotta dip thier sticks in wet holes.  So it will be a never ending push for the pleasure.  So be it!

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