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For a long time I kept it uncover as aporn star in Northern California.  A lot of my content was produced in the land of geeks.  Today 2015, men are very intrigue with what I do.  I have a mind like a penis in our conversations.  We spoil each other on so many levels.  I'm thinking .....I was doing this before I posted PSE.  And what do I come up against in my life?  The everyday escort who tries to beat me down telling me not to addy as a porn star.  With my magical practitioner, Captain T, in a healing session ..... the escort, she was jealous and wanted to hang me at the neck.  SHUT UP Zoe Zane.  Her beat down:  do all those men treat you with no repect because you are a porn star???  Yes, I talk in weird ways, I'm still undercover talking the shit of my life in the underworld.  I have .001% female escort friends and why? Abused and broken lives in the underground who have not healed themselves.  I will change myself and ONE in spirit with my coo coo (pussy).
It flashed at me:  I get many calls and some do not know what I do until I tell them.  Oh wow!  You are a star?  My addies have different names that I used as a phone sex girl in Las Vegas.  It's complicated but my sex life.  Today, I spoke with a Prince @$1000 a minute from India.  This is going to be a interesting story.
It's okay to talk about it now.  Kitty Foox was a Las Vegas escort for men who watched her movies.  One time she got caught doing a double, the other woman turned her in.  As I look back she didn't ask enough.  Kitty Foxx will always be my mentor and good friend forever.  She paved the way for ALL mature porn stars today.  I love Kitty Foxx.  She's with me no matter what happens.  Waves of Love, Zoe Zane
I hope this post will be approved.  If not webmaster let me know what I can do it make it right.  It's a interesting read.  Everyone wants to know about my secret life.

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