zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

What I was tinking about last night

On Tuesday, October 27, 2015 at 5:33:55 PM UTC-6, Zoe Zane wrote:

KItty Foxx, Zoe Zane and Beth Morggan Las Vegas porn shoot for Aged to Perfection Totally Tasteless Eddie Daroo LA USA.  Kitty Foxx loved how Zoe Zane took over this orgie.  Zoe tore her clothes off jumped right in.  She's a hot Cougar Mom loving all Kitty's Vegas boyfriends. KItty woud fly her in and Zoe would fuck her brains out.  Kitty Foxx contracted Zoe Zane for her movies.  She knew Zoe would get her loyal fans super hot.  Spread those legs super wide girl, my guys have huge loads of jizz.  Fill up all those fuck holes, overload dripping down both legs.  And on top of this Zoe talked so dirty everyone in the room went wild. What a devlish, dirty mouth and holes to cum in.  Alan, Kitty's husband adored Zoe.  She made him cum so many times talking dirty to him after many porn shoots.  Zoe Zane is an Award Winning Phone sex girl AVN Porn Convention 2011 Spice Channel Ron Jeremy.  House of Sex Las Vegas Kitty Foxx Review: exact words by Alan and Kitty Foxx 2003.  I never flet like Zoe Zane would steal my fame.  She had great respect for me, Kitty Foxx, the Queen of Mature Women.  It is better to ban together and be stronger, THAN compete with one another.  Zoe Zane taught this to me over and over again when she and I did xxx hardcore porn videos.  The LA porn producers will never let mature women win awards.  It is all about the fresh, younger pussy.

Tags: zoe zane kitty foxx porn life

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