zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

MY update this week.....the real truth

My next door neighbor caught me flashing my boobs and made a huge attempt to turn me in to our landlord.  The dumb fuck, my landlord loves my huge boobs and I have flashed him.  Anywho, I got him all excited to be a male porn star and we did these porn pics together.  He was bragging about his dick, it was about 8 inches.  He thinks it is big when he's all excited.  Hum?  That is a so so big dick.  Sorry.  A big dick to Miss Zoe is 12 inches.  I was not impressed.  You are just a average joe to me baby cakes.  Now who can blackmail who.  He saw me flash and now I have sexy pics of us sucking and fucking at my home in San Jose, California
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