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American Whore Story -Film Inzane Productions Zoe Zane

My latest letter to Emily Sander aka Zoey Zane:
Dear Emily Sander aka Zoey Zane, I wish you and I had talked before your death. Someone reading this will not understand what I am doing with my words. All that matters is what Emily and Zoe Zane know to be true. Your life contact made millions express their hearts. Emily, this past year .....I, Zoe Zane had sixty years of hidden life secrets in my face. It was screaming so loud I was forced to face all the pain I hide from myself. I know about will to die and no will to live. It’s a miracle I am alive to write my words to dear Emily. I am the door for your human voice. I promise you that my comedy-horror film will rewrite what your powerful self did to your demon killer. Millions will laugh watching what a 18 year Zoey Zane did to “M” (his name is not worth to spell). It sucks you become famous after your fearful death. Your murder was 100% connected to your modeling as a adult star. Your well hidden secret set the stage for your death. As a sex worker, I have danced with death and will make it right for you, Zoey Zane aka Emily Sander.
IMNOFACE reporter Zoe Zane Inzane Productions November 7, 2015.  It’s well know joke, Zoe Zane Celebrity Porn Star gets along better  with the dead. Big smiles.


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