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Suck Your Dick Under a White Table Cloth

Welcome to my Naughty Stories Page!!!

I still like to dish out a good mind fuck. Talking on the phone to hundreds of hot and horny men and women has created an insatiable hunger inside of me. I cannot let it go. So here is one of my favorites.

My girlfriend Bev, another phone slut shared this fantasy with me when I first started on the phone. You and I are out on a tempting date. The restaurant is very expensive with white tablecloths to the floor and candles burning softly. The moon is peaking through the glass window reflecting its light off my sequined strapless dress. You are wearing a tux.  I love men in tuxedos. They are so sexy. The bodice of my dress is cut very low. I love to display my cleavage out in public. You can almost see the nipples popping out.

I wiggle on my chair which causes the black satin to rub up against my naked chest turning me on. It's turning you on. The waiter brings out the menu. I order Amaretto sour with a cherry and you want wine. We decide what is appealing to our salivating senses and wait for dinner. I'm so hot for sex and I can't wait. I need an appetizer. After sipping my drink down I order another. Amaretto is so yummy sweet. We are touching each other in all the right places and this thought pops into my lovely head. Candles, the moon, you pulling me close, my legs apart.

I drop my napkin on the floor and bend over to pick it up. Where am I? Under the table to your crotch of your trousers unzipping with my teeth until I see the prize. It's your cock. Yum. Yum. Gathering juices from my mouth I slobber on it's head and lick. The head slides in my sloppy lips. Can you keep a straight face?  I swallow more and more of the shaft (getting me hot just typing the words). I love to suck cock. I get this tickle inside my female parts thinking about it. I go down deeper and deeper until your whole cock is in my warm mouth. You can hardly believe what is happening to you. I bounce up and down until I can taste your salty precum on the back of my tonsils. Up and down, up and down. Your hard cock feeds me a big milkshake.

I gobble it down, lick my lips smiling and apply new lipstick. You are drained and..... ooh, by the way, I have done this in real life (Las Vegas).

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