zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Big street party in San Francisco

Sunday September 31, 2007 San Francisco Folsom Street Fair  I will party with  fetish redhead Miss Andrea Storm  http://www.msandreastorm.com/
Sexy Miss Lizz http://www.sexymisslizz.com  Martini and  his wifey http://www.klubmartini.com  at Folsom http://folsomstreetevents.org/fair-info.php

If David does not show I will grab anyone on Folsom to take pics.  It is not the first nor the last that something has happened and I had to wing it.

One time Cyber got sick and sat on the side lines the whole time during Folsom.  How have I made it this far?   I think I have had a few angels help me all along the way.

Say hello I will be wearing something special.  A hint, silver!

All of us have big tits,,,,,,,,,,,,,ya baby.

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