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I hit the big time in San Francisco newpaper, front page news

 Zoe Zane made front page news on San Francisco Chronicle Newspaper and here is the photo and the write up by my wild gang bang housewife girlfriend Ms. Andrea Storm aka Flaming Inferno.  http://www.msandreastorm.com 

Ms. Andrea Storm's comments on her experience, own it baby.
Holy Cow Bar in San Francisco party

Well, I didn't see any of you at the Folsom Street Fair 2007. But it is no
wonder. I am still decompressing from this crazy fun event. Cameras,
cameras everywhere. And why not? An insane mix of freak and bondage
folk all expressing themselves to the fullest. My girlfriend Zoe Zane and I
dressed like "Dirty Martini Girls" and I guess the concept was so unique
that we ended up on the front of the SF Chronicle. How exciting is
that? Out of thousands of attendees, there I am with my pink parasol
and my silly sweet grin and flaming hair right there on the front page.

We spent a good deal of time at a little dance bar club with a backyard patio
called  "The Holy Cow". My boots were killing my poor little toes. I
could have used a foot massage, but eventually I knew I would have to
run with the girls to catch a cab.

If any of you ever want to have the MOST freakiest fun time in San
Francisco ever Folsom Street Fair is the place to be in September.
You have to come out for this incredible showcase of
bondage gear and freaky, loving people. It's all about freedom baby.
Only place 4 free fetish sexy expression in the WORLD.

Next year I expect to see you all there, the last Sunday of September.

Just type in google "Folsom Street Fair 2008" and there you are.
Ms. Andrea Storm 

Newspaper Photo

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