zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

My Conversation in My Head I Have Not Had With You

Someone has told me that their cock heals women.
That the sexual energy pushed toward the said woman heals her.
When he pulls out his cock the female squirts immediately.
Shocking him and her at the same time.
He has a gift and not sure what to do with it.
Gives great massage.
How he can stay hard for a long time.
His weakness is deep throat and feet.
It's all about the energy exchange.
Not many women are open to this kind of sexual energy.

okay bitch .... you got my attention with all your fluffy words.
I've heard it all so many times I am bored.
I want a heart connection  .... DO YOU HAVE IT?
I am jumping off the bed when I think of us together.


Maybe ....... my attention captured your attention for this energy.
I am not like any other porn star on this freakem planet.
No one can touch what I am.  I have lifted myself from darkness to light.
My stars are shining bright at sixty eight degrees.
I ask myself ....why does he keeps coming back to my txt and cell.
WHY?  I will stop txt and cell for next few days and watch ...  IM A SEXTXT
There are a lot of men who want me. I want something that is safe, supportive and real.
In my head I've had too many conversatiosn with you but you were not there.  LOL.

I feel us together, amazing.  Is this us or my beautiful energy.

Tags: zoe zane life

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