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EXOTIC EROTIC BALL 2007 the real story

Model Adventures/Behind the Scenes


I made arrangements with a very dear male photographer to take me with the ball.  At the very last minute he had to work.  He paid for my ticket.  We were both bummed.  I decided to go since I worked on my costume for weeks.  Getting ready was a big ordeal, my dyed pink corset was difficult to get on.  I laid on my back two times to get it cinched up right but still failed.  I decided to wear it the way it was.  I don't tan cause I want to keep my skin young looking.  I used this lotion to darken the skin by Jergen's Lotion and it drove me crazy.  I washed it off and got dressed. Later on I broke out in hives, how fucked UP. Some babes can use the same stuff and another gets the itchies.  Before a Southern Charm Bash in Florida I had my skin sprayed for a tan and it was a disaster too.  So I have 2 options stay white or tan just before a big photo shoot.  Or find a backyard to tan in the sun which is a good idea cause you get vitamin D.

I made sure I wrote down the directions to get to the
Cow Palace.  On the way up I was nervous and took the wrong turn off up to San Francisco.  In the car I was thinking what in the hell am I doing, I never go by myself to any big function, not ever.  I wanted to turn around and go home.  I really wanted to go home and just gve up.  BUT I was determined to do it.  I was on edge the whole time till I saw the line of cars turning into the Cow Palace.  I knew I could DO IT!  I got this far.  I DID IT!  

My printer needed ink and I had to go three times to the store to get it right.  My significant camera man has been out of town on business a lot this past year and I had to do things he did.  When you are faced with being alone it makes you appreciate all the little things he did.  Thank you Cyber for all the stuff you did to make my life smoother.  THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I tried different combinations with wigs and materials to make Pink Kitty Showgirl work.  I applied these long feather eyelashes that took 30 minute to get right and they feel way low.  Forget it!!! ....ekk.  I needed something different so I used one of my cross dressers slave’s eyelashes.  This works.  YES.

Getting in line for the ball, it took me three tries to make it in.  I got in the wrong line and did not print out the right ticket.  Was frisked three time by big fat female security guards, oh baby, and I was finally in.  

People wanted to take my pics but I was on a mission to get content images.  Next year I will remember to smile cause it might be for the site for the ball. Ya, baby it is showtime.

Some of the guys who took pics with me, the Nacho Libra freak keep feeling up my open crotch and I did not like it.  You sleazy taco boy get those finders off of me.  When we did our pics, I kicked his ass gud!!!
I ran into a huge evil clown on stilts with a big gun that looked like Hell Boy's Gun.  I loved it!  It is on the front page of my site right now http://www.zoezane.com 

Finally I ran into Martini and wifey http://www.klubmartini.com  and I was saved.  My feet were killing me.

We all went into a room where a ban was playing loud music, I love it.  I danced with my boots off, took pics of women boots and made out with this horny Mexican chick.  She was after men A LOT.

Martini, wifey and I went to rest our feet and we watched the stage show with Parry Mann and all his beautiful babes and male strippers.  Martini told me he was a stage manager/promoter for Perry Mann's Exotic Erotic Ball for several years and goes to the ball every year. He is very gud friends with all the male strippers, he takes their pics.  Yummy. Next year we will get back stage passes for our sites, take pics of all the performers.  Martini wanted to run down the halls through the crowed to get wild pics with me but he did not want to abandon his wife.  He is so thoughtful of her and she supports him A LOT!

After the ball my feet were killing me and I could barely make it to my car.  It was a major chore just to find my car.  I was kind drunk from the few drinks I had, opps, and this Nacho Salsa Libra dude wanted to know if I would be on his TV show for Mexicans?  Why not.  I do not know where it is aired, but I said YES!  I flashed my tits at him before the cops asked me if I was lost.  "No sir, my car is right here."  LOL.  I made it to my car. I had to pee and I did it outside the car, got in and drove home.  I was tired and barely made it.  I slapped my face a few times to stay awake and keep one eye closed.  This is not gud but I made it.

Next year I will have friends go with me to the ball.

When you give your camera to people in the crowd the pics can be the best.  Why?  Cause they are not looking for something a photographer is looking for. They are just taking the pic and those pics are very amateur and can be the BEST!!!

I DID IT!!!  I overcame my fear of going somewhere I am not familiar with, by myself.  I overcame a big huge fear.  When something is new for me I really freak out a lot.



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