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Aging Young 69 Zoe Zane is a BMF for surviving 7 kids and the Church

I've got it down to a science.  Our food is crap.  I found Dr. Wallach in Santa Cruz, Youngevityhttps://www.youngevity.net/ Now ....my body is being feed.  The last 2 years used modules emotion and body code by Dr. Bradley Nelson and psych-K https://www.psych-k.com/ by Robin Williams.  It is clear to me, invisible trapped emotions distort the body.  Many of us know but not sure since emotions are not seen by our eyes. I'm sure.  Many of the sex workers have taken a beating for emotional and sexual abuse.  If you are sick of the crap in your life send me a email opforfree@yahoo.com .  I know a few good practitioners who assisted me for better.  For example:  cancer is definitely tons of trapped emotion in the body.  If you think, I TALK crap, so be it.  At my age of 69 young years, I don't care what you think.  It's your life.  And ZOE ZANE is a BMF "BadMotherFucker" for surviving 7 kids and the Church.  I can talk shit for I have overcome shit that was not my shit.  Zoe Zane zoe zan blogger

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