zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

My sympathes to Emily Sanders who used my porn name


I’m upset to the max about the tragedy of Emily Sanders, the girl who used my name "Zoe Zane" as Zoey Zane, she did not do a search on the name. Most likely she did not think it mattered, but it does matter.  I’m REALLY disturbed about her murder, a terrible thing has happened to a young college girl and our porn. I’m the real Zoe Zane and not aka Zoey Zane. I’m a mature porn star, an on-line author coming out with a book this year in 2008. DO NOT associate the name Zoey Zane with my stage name Zoe Zane. PLEASE. 

I just found a video of Emily Sanders aka Zoey Zane with my text from my site.  Now this is getting really CRAZY.  So, a 18 year old girl was married 17 years to a preacher and had 7 kids.  The is really fucked up.  It goes to show you how people do not read ANYTHING and pass on stories/information that is incorrect.

Some of the comments made by men are down right rude about Emily.  There is no respect for the missing murdered let alone the living wild on the Net.  This one is for you Emily Sanders.....................the one and ONLY real Zoe Zane will tell all the rude people to go fuck themselves!!! All you insecure Cyber low-lifers, get a life and get some manners. This girl is not even identified, let alone set to rest and has idiot comments about her porn.  I say, "Shut the uck up and show some respect for her grieving family!"

Zoe Zane, the one and only on the Net since 2000


Get a taste.  Read excerpts from my book coming in 2008
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