zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Infant Brain Trauma

Today it was all in my face AGAIN.  2 weeks before my DEMON DAD sexually molested me,  I had peace as a infant.  Healing my life is a challenge for IT.  It will be a chapter in my book.  My challenge and my IT.  Used body code practitioner for inblances caused by trapped emotion.  Theraphy is not fun when you have flash backs.  OMG, I made it.  I want a angel to slip into my dreams and tell me why I survived this long.  Most molested infants as adults are on durgs.  Biography of Me and My 25 Foot Chocolate Heart Wall.  There are a lot of people suffering out there.

I want everyone to know that when you hold a tiny infant in your arms it's very important to love that tiny human with all of your heart. Today, I felt the loveless trauma created by my parents.  I am a live and saw no love.  Our brains need love for healthy development. If you saw and felt what I saw..... you would be a different parent.  ZOE ZANE
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