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Whore, a religious point of view:  Anyone who sells their body (which is a temple) for money is hell, is going to hell, and condemned to HELL!  (Your body is a temple, you want to keep it clean).  Whores are outcast trash and ungodly creatures who spread disease.  Female whores make all men break their marriage vows.  It's the whores fault, she takes all men into fornicating sin.  She will feel the wrath of God and be condemned to a cosmic black hole for eternity.  No one will love her, nor does she deserve love, since she spread her legs wide open for lusting men's insertions.  All whore destroy men and women souls. Society will crucify all female whores upside down on crosses.  She'll be tortured in open public places for everyone to throw stones, rotten food and words of spitting disgust upon her naked flesh.  A whore is a dump hole for all our religious negative wrath.  Whores deserve to be raped, tortured, and branded for making all of mankind sin in lusting sex.  We use whores to mask our own sins and no one is smart enough to figure that out,  so we keep talking "neg" about them so we do not have to fix ourselves.  Amen.

Whore, from a pimp's point of view:  She's my property, and I can do what I want with her.  I will protect her, my property, so I can make money off her sorry flesh.  She will work for me and take care of me.  She will do whatever I tell her to do.  If she does not do it , I will slap her around, she'll get the message to not step out of line.  I'm her God who will give her drugs, so she can go to work and be my nastee ho.  If I find her holding out on me, I will teach her a lesson she will not forget.  Do not cross your pimp, you nastee bitch-ho, cause I operate from raging rage.  If I think for one minute that I am loosing my fucking-ho-property, I will kill, abuse, and scare them silly.  Take my property, and it means death to you, my brother.  If any of my hos go independent they are toast in a dumpster.  Get that you nastee ho and get to work for your "God Pimp" now!

Whore, from a male's point of view:  I'm married now and I gave up seeing whores.  I hate them all and they are worthless skanks.  I post about how low they are on the Net.  I do not find anything gud about them.  I will never say anything gud cause I have to pay to fuck them.  Being married sucks, so I go to the message board where all the whores hang out and post about how much I hate them.  I want to fuck them and fuck them and fuck them, for NO money.   BUT, that is not going to happen.  I will be miserable with my wife and post on the whore board about hating money sucking whores.  They have a vagina and I need that vagina.   Miserably yours, Mr. Whore Hater.  P.S.  If I go to a whore in the future, I will like it for 3 seconds, if THAT, and still hate them.  It's a given promise, if I keep hating, my hate for whores, will kill my miserable hateful ass.

Whore, from a married/girlfriend's point of view:  I want to rip their boobs off their chests, tear their hair OUT, stab their eyes in, for fucking my man who can not keep his dick in me.  To get back, I will go out on the town, get drunk, and fuck as many men as he has fucked whores.  I will not be a victim to his dick-ing around.  Right on!

Whore, from a condom's point of view:  I hate whores and they way they treat me.  I'm throw on the floor and forgotten about for days on end, flushed down the toilet with all the shit, and inspected constantly.  I hate it when they stretch me so wide just to make sure they get me over a stinky dick.  I hate whores cause I am not thanked for all the sloppy work that I do, OR what I am put through, or put in.  It is a thankless life with a whore.  HA HA HA!  (I'm sick of whores telling me that  I am covered with disease for all the slamming work I have done for them). 

After thousands of interviews with whore, this is just a small taste of the underground crap whores deal with on a daily basis.   Whores and their condemned jobs in America, taken from a secret manila folder  "Whore Notes"  coming in my book in 2008.

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