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Light a candle for Emily Sander

 Light a candle for Emily Sander


I'm lighting a candle for Emily Sander everyday until her murderer is found.
Emily was a bright, friendly girl who had a dream.

She had a plan to open up a tattoo shop and produce movies. She was on a mission in high school to fulfill her dream.
I find this inspiring that a girl in her teens knew what she wanted and went for it. She majored in high school business.
She pierced her body. When you pierce your body, it is a ritual. It's your body and you've chosen to do what you want with it,
not what other people think you should do with it.

She decided to use the stage name Zoey Zane. She must of known about my stage name Zoe Zane (1999-2007).
She saw something in my work that moved her to use the name Zoey Zane aka Zoe Zane.
I can see that energy pulsing through her adult, Internet work.

In America, groups of people have very conservative ideas about porn, porn stars, and porn producers.
Anything about sex from masturbation to fetish to tantra, is ungodly. If you star in porn you are still considered seedy?
That one word is one of many words. There are many words to describe porn stars, I will not go through them; you're doing that right now.
I've been involved in the sex worker's industry for over 20 years.

I left the Mormon church to make a new life for myself turning away from family and a self-righteous, conservative community. I almost died, in this process,
escaping all the negative bull shit. My preacher husband and his family, my parents and my neighbors waited to hear that I killed myself.
My mother lived a long suffering life in her temple marriage, and I was expected to live as she did. Suffer till you die!

Emily Sander hide her dream from her family. It was her dream to be a porn star and make films.

Now she is gone

She was gutsy, positive and ready to get wild and free with her sexuality. I see it in all her photos.
She was very excited to porn herself out. But, keeping her porn secret from conservative views is a lot of work. To sneak and hide your
porn job takes courage and smarts. From the Internet information I gathered, she told her family on Thanksgiving Day she did porn.
The next day she was missing. How her family reacted, we do not know, as I write this passage for Emily Sander.

Unfortunately, she hooked up with the wrong person. That person was filled with rage towards women.
I know every step has been taken by the FBI to find her killer.
I'm writing these supportive words, please continue the search for Emily Sander's killer until that person is found.
Emily Sander is one of many thousands reported missing or murdered every year.
Her death as a amateur, nude model has shaken up many of us.

We can not bring Emily back, but lighting a candle for Emily can bring us all together in love for her tragic, violent death.

As human being, we are finding out that we are very powerful.
Light your candle for Emily!

This light will keep burning for all the violence against women on this planet.
I am sending out a message to all women to seriously take a look at what you think of yourself.
What are the inner words you say to yourself day in and day out?
Take a look at your role models and if they are victims. Do they have victim attitudes?
Today, take a look at how you are a victim in your everyday circumstances.
As you look at yourself, it will stop all this violence towards women and children.
Be honest with yourself and stop it now.

Tell yourself you will not let others make you feel less for being female. You can have your dreams!

Take active steps to change your thinking patterns, change your unconscious mind .

Tell yourself right now: I'm happy, I'm beautiful and I'm powerful.
Say it out loud to yourself everyday .
Look at yourself in the mirror in your right eye, repeating 10 times a day, until you're unconscious
mind believes you are happy, beautiful and powerful.

Make it an active habit to talk positive to yourself for the rest of your life.

You are the ONLY one who can do this work for yourself.

It does not matter what they told you about you. It was a lie.

They were WRONG!

On-line author, Zoe Zane, December 6, 2007

Google Trends: zoey zane. com , Nov 29, 2007

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