zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Porn in Mantica "Photo/video shoot" Feb 6, 2008

The Mansion of Universal Sparkels "House of Sexy Miss Lizz"

I made it up to Lizz' house. WHEW! It is way up there in Escalon, California where there are miles of almond orchards. John, her hubby picked me up in San Leandro at night. He was a bit under the weather with a cold. We talked about his sex life with Lizz. I love to talk with men about their sex. I have this common ground with them. I know men, their brains and how they operate. I was once extremely afraid of men, my angry, God fearing Dad raised me on the razors edge. Not anymore! I know men. Men have a job, eat and want sex. Men want sex 24/7. God bless men and their dicks. I'm a nympho for sure and want their sex! I know men are a little more complex but men are straight shoots when it comes to their sex.

The photo/video shoot went well. Actually it was a blast and we had a fun fantastic time. Lizz' and I got on it early, we worked around her kids who were in school. Lizz is very professional, a great hostess and calls me Bitch. That is one of my names. Bitch and Cunt. LOL. Who attended??? XXXDixxxieSC2, Maria from Dreamnet with her hubby, Lizz and myself. "Porn in Mantica" The girls got ready before I did. It takes a lot to put me together. We did this Leopard Kitty shoot and I made my eyes up very dark. Peaked out the door and Lizz was TOTALLY amazed. I like to see her face expressions when I get off the wall, creative. I'm know for my unpredictable ways and she takes it well. Thank you Lizz for letting me be myself cause my Dad did not.
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