zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Reviews, what you focus on is what you get


The LAW:

What you focus on is what you get.

If you focus on the negative stuff of someone you will always get a negative experience bs that is what you are looking for.

If you focus on the postive of that person that is what you will get. POSITIVE

There are sites that review performance etc., in my opinion, are useful for this and only this.  The review lets you know they are not the police.  LOL.  My wish is this:  to know who gave the review and then I give a review about them.  The real truth, their dick smells like pee, their butt stinks like butt wipe, they ate onions for lunch, and their skin is bumpy all over the place and feels like sand paper.  Their tongue it really ruff and stings, they have bad breath and B.O.  They are not in shape, a big belly. and when they nail you it is like being bent like gumb-ie girl, and your breathe is almost no where.  eek!  You are hoping they do it quickly and it is over, so you can breathe. Whew.

OR, they come in with a big dick attitude with their BIG DICK and plow you like you are a meat wagon to prove they can do it BIG TIME, and do not get off.  Let me tell you buddy, if I know the woman you want to marry, I will tell her how bad of a rambo rape fuck you are.  If she likes that great, but if not, keep your big dick weapon to yourself. 

OH.............how about the men who want the porn star experience and rape you throat and slam your head.  Just bc your cannot get r wife or girlfriend to be a porn star does not mean you can get it from the babe u give anniversary.   

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